Welcome to The New Ithkuilic Language’s documentation!

Ithkuil is a constructed language designed by John Quijada that prioritizes expressiveness and conciseness, and TNIL (“The New Ithkuilic Language” — official name pending) is a successor language sharing many of its design values.

This is a community-driven, GPLv3-licensed set of documentation for TNIL, including graphics illustrating several morphological categories.


This documentation is still far from complete, and most features are lacking a full description. If you are familiar with Ithkuilic grammar, please contribute! Morphological and lexical information is stored in NILDB, and all other text is stored in docs/source of this repository.

Due to licensing ambiguity, translating of the lexicon is currently paused and all other documentation must use original word; i.e. do not copy verbatim from A Grammar of Ithkuil or any other texts written by Quijada.